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Most common issues:

1. Not going into monitoring mode? Check the following:

  • Sensor is plugged in tightly into back of monitor.
  • Make sure there is power to the monitor. LED should be on.
  • Check sensor position. Must have patients weight on the mat.
  • Press "hold/reset" one time and monitor should go into "monitoring"


2. False Alarms

  • Make sure sensor is properly under patient. It is best if the sensor is positioned low under the buttocks, high thigh area. Most patients tend to slide down a few inches in the bed and this will help assure that some body weight stays on the sensor.
  • Check "EdgeSense". If green light on the monitor above "EdgeSense on" is lit, then the EdgeSense feature is active. This feature should normally be used on smaller patients who try to exit the bed between the side rails.
  • Time delay is set too low. Normal setting is three seconds. A one second time delay may cause more false alarms.
  • Try alternate position. This creates a larger sensing area.
  • Make sure sensor is plugged tightly into the monitor.


3. Nurse call is going off when no alarm occurs.

  • Make sure the white call cord from the monitor is plugged in tightly to the nurse call input at the wall. If an adapter is being used, check all connections.
  • Make sure the jack on the call cord is clean. Wipe with alcohol.
  • Wiggle the call cord at the back of the monitor. If you get nurse call off, the monitor needs to be repaired.