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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is EdgeSense® and how is it used?
EdgeSense® is a patented feature that provides an early warning to staff that addresses the number one complaint with all other systems on the market. Nursing staff always have complained that by the time they hear the alarm, the patient is already out of bed and either on the floor or mobile. No other system is proactive like BedCall®. EdgeSense® recognizes when a patient has positioned themselves to the edge of the bed. At this point, it is likely that they are going to be trying to leave the bed so BedCall® sets off an in-room alarm and triggers the nurse call system. In most cases, the patient hears the alarm and knows they have been detected so they lay back down in bed at which time the alarm silences. However, if they remain on the edge of the bed or exit the bed, the alarm continues and staff has to respond to the room in order to
silence the alarm.

Q: What is the life of the mat?
The mat is under warranty for 30 days from the time it is first put into use. If the mat fails due to material or workmanship on that first 30 days, it will be replaced free of charge. It is not uncommon for a mat last longer than 30 days in Long Term Care settings before it fails.

Q: Will the system trigger the nurse call system?
Yes, the control unit comes complete with a cord that has a ¼ inch plug on the end so that it can plug into a nurse call ¼ inch jack. Most systems can accept the ¼ inch plug but some require a special adapter for their unique plug configuration. These adapters are readily available and must be purchased in addition to the BedCall® system. The majority of the nurse call systems on the market will not be able to distinguish between a call from the BedCall® system and a call initiated by the patients call cord.

Q: Does the alarm sound in the room?
The BedCall® control unit does alarm in the room in its standard mode. However, it can be modified to eliminate the local sound in the room. This will keep the alarm silent in the room but still trigger the nurse call system to alarm.

Q: Can you select different sounds on the control unit?
No, we do not currently offer different sounds. We do have a volume control.

Q: Does it work on lightweight residents?
Yes, unlike most systems that false alarm under light weight residents, the BedCall® mat has been designed to sense the lightest of residents and does not false alarm.

Q: Can the mat work with other brand control units?
No, the mat is designed with a patented EdgeSense® feature not found in other systems and therefore, only interfaces with the BedCall® control unit.

Q: Can the resident just turn it off if they want to?
No, there is no on/off switch on the control unit. This is a unique feature designed into the BedCall® system. Because the system automatically senses when the patient is on the mat and begins to monitor, there is no need for an on/off switch. There is no need to worry that a patient or a family member can turn the unit off and forget to turn it back on when the patient returns to bed. In addition, if the patient pulls out the mat wire while being monitored, the unit should alarm. If the power connection or nurse call cord is pulled out, most nurse call systems will alarm resulting in a truly "fail safe" condition.

Q: Does EdgeSense® cause false alarms?
No, the system only alarms if the patient is positioned to the edge of the bed such that they may be getting out of bed. However, if a resident keeps triggering the EdgeSense®, it can be turned off at the control unit. This will just disable the EdgeSense®, if the patient leaves the bed, it will alarm and alert staff of the bed exit. Another adjustment called delay time can be adjusted so that for those patients who move around in bed actively and trigger alarms, the delay time can be extended to customize the control unit to that resident to prevent false alarms. EdgeSense® is on the BedCall® only. The ChairCall does not feature EdgeSense®.

Q: What if the mat gets wet?
The BedCall® mat is water tight and has no air vent holes like others on the market. There is no way for moisture to enter the mat and it can be cleaned with any mild disinfectant wipe. If a resident is incontinent, just place the mat under the incontinent pad and it will still operate properly. Other mats on the market will become disabled when they encounter moisture but not the BedCall® mat.

Q: Is there a wireless option?

Q: What makes BedCall® different than others on the market?
BedCall® is the only system on the market that is proactive and provides an early warning to staff so that there is a chance to prevent the resident from leaving the bed. Also, by removing the on/off switch, it can not be defeated and staff can not forget to turn it on after returning a resident to bed.

Q: Is there a wireless option?
Not at this time.